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Our feed Features were designed to help you optimize your herd's nutrition and improve overall farm profitability.



Overall Dairy muneem app creates a more connected ecosystem between vendors and farmers,



Doctor easily Connect with farmers. Online Consultation to the farmer. Doctor can maintain Semen Tank...

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Dairy Muneem, a pioneering brand in the dairy farm management service whose mission is clear to become the number one choice for dairy farmers worldwide by providing comprehensive A to Z solutions that optimize their operations and maximize their success. It includes a wide range of activities, including as managing finances, milk quality, breeding, and general farm management, in addition to monitoring animal health and nutrition in dairy farms. On our app you input and access data related to individual animals, track their health parameters, record treatments administered, and monitor overall herd health. Also, we serve as a valuable tool for knowledge-sharing, consultation, farming and data-driven decision-making, ultimately contributing to the improved health and welfare of dairy animals.

Our Vision

To improve the social economy of dairy farmers with technology and awareness.

Our Mission

To become No. 1 brand in the Dairy farm management service by providing A to Z solutions to the dairy farmers across the globe.


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“I used the services of Dairy Muneem, and I must say, my experience was amazing . As a farmer, I rely heavily on dependable and trustworthy resources for my dairy needs, and Dairy Muneem surpassed all my expectations. Their app and website was easy to navigate, allowing me to explore their extensive range of products effortlessly. ”


“From the moment I registered as a vendor on the Dairy Muneem app , I was impressed by the user-friendly interface and the seamless onboarding process. The platform provided clear and detailed guidelines for setting up my vendor profile, uploading product information, and managing inventory. It was evident that Dairy Muneem prioritizes efficiency and understands the needs of vendors.”


“Dairy Muneem has proven to be a trusted partner for veterinarians like me.I highly recommend Dairy Muneem to my fellow veterinarians who are seeking reliable and top-notch products to support their practice. Working with Dairy Muneem has been a positive and rewarding experience, and I look forward to continued collaboration with them in the future.”